Kitui Water and Sanitation Company is a major Water and Sanitation service provider within Kitui County and some parts of Machakos County (Masinga Sub- County).

    Kitui County is located 170KM South East of Nairobi. It covers an area of about 30,496KM 2. It bounders Machakos and Makueni Counties to the west, Tana River County to the East, Taita Taveta County to the South and Embu and Tharaka-Nithi Counties to the North.

    Population: 1,147,000
    Female: 602,002
    Male: 545,195
    Growth Rate: 2 %
    Water Coverage: 33%
    Population Served: 550,000

    Kitui Water & Sanitation Co. Ltd is a limited company by guarantee and was incorporated on 10th April 2006. The Company has the core mandate of providing water to Kitui county, its environs, and part of Machakos County where the main source is located. The Company is currently serving the following districts with piped water: Masinga, Kitui West, Lower Yatta, Kitui Central, Matinyani, Nzambani, Mutomo, Kisasi and Katulani. However, with the bowsers, we have been able to serve customers in other districts like Mutitu, Machakos, and Ikutha. This accounts for coverage of 39% serving a population of close to 550,000.

    The Company Headquarters are in Kitui Town and has Regional Offices in Masinga Treatment Works, Kithyoko, Katheka, Matinyani, Ikanga, Mutitu, and Mutomo. Masinga Dam is the main source of water accounting for 90%. Other sources are Ithookwe, Matinyani, Ilusya, Mbooni, and Mutune boreholes.

    The completion of the Umaa Dam shall also supplement on the peak demand and ease rationing programs during the dry season. The Company has benefitted from Masinga - Kitui Water Supply and Sanitation Project Phase II under the African Development Bank through Tanathi Water Services Board.

    The Company has a Customer Service Delivery Charter and has the following pay points Co-operative Bank, Mpesa paybill, all Post Offices in Kenya, all Kenya Post Office Savings Bank, and all Kenya Commercial Bank branches.


    The Kitui Water and Sanitation Company Limited (KITWASCO) was incorporated on 10th April 2006 under the Companies Act (Cap. 486). The Company is limited by guarantee and is governed by a Memorandum and Articles of Association. KITWASCO is one of the agents appointed by the Tanathi Water Services Board (TAWSB) to supply water and sanitation services within Masinga, Kitui Central, Katulani, Kisasi, Matinyani, Nzambani, Kitui west, and lower Yatta districts and their environs.

    Kitui Water and Sanitation Company is currently operating Masinga – Kitui Water Supply, Matinyani Water Supply, Mutune Water Supply, Ikanga/Mutomo, Ithookwe and Mbooni Water Supply schemes within the former greater Kitui district. The headquarters is in Kitui Town which is located approximately 175km South East of Nairobi. The town is the administrative Headquarters of Kitui County Government, Kitui Central District and the main commercial hub of the greater Kitui region.

    The region is currently served by the Masinga - Kitui Water Supply Project to a greater extent which was first implemented in 1996 through funding by the Government of Kenya and Development Partners. The resident population of the area of service including Kitui Township is estimated to be 533,681 and projected to grow to 678,187 by the end of this planning period (2033).

    There has never been a major rehabilitation of the distribution system from the main distribution reservoirs to Kitui town. The Masinga Dam source has a treatment capacity of 8,640m³/day. The existing water supply is only able to serve 39% of the area demand given its infrastructural constraints and water availability. Currently, the number of registered connections is 8,839 with about 6,231 being active connections.

    KITWASCO customers are composed of: - Domestic/Residential; Commercial/Industrial; Schools/Institutions; Water Kiosks and bulk community water projects.

    Although the mandate of the provision of sanitation is included, there is no sewerage service under KITWASCO. Sanitation services in Kitui are provided at a fee though not adequate.


    KITWASCO is run by a Board of Directors with a membership of 7. Initially, members were elected in public forums but in line with corporate governance guidelines, the members are appointed by the Principal. The Board of Directors functions through four committees namely: -

    • Audit Committee
    • Technical Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Human Resource and General Purpose Committee

    The management which is composed of The Managing Director, Technical Manager, Commercial Manager, and Human Resource & Administration Manager runs the day to day affairs of the Company under the leadership of the Managing Director. KITWASCO has four major departments namely:

    a) Commercial Department: Accounts & Revenue Sections 
    b) Technical Departments: New Connections, O & M, Transport
    c) Human Resources & Administration: Customer Care, General Administration
    d) Directorate Department: Audit and Public Relations.

    The Company has a permanent workforce of 75 staff and 27 casuals. This has been occasioned by the ever-expanding network, low customer & staff integrity levels and dilapidated infrastructure. Also, the Company is operating on a 24-h 7 days a week program and 90% rural, the permanent staff cannot handle the workload due to the great reticulation lengths with minimal connections.

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