To be a reputable provider of adequate, reliable, safe water and sewerage services.


    To provide sustainable, safe and adequate water and sewerage services to our customers in a cost-effective manner


    The responsibilities and mandate of KITWASCO as a water service provider are stipulated in Section 78. (1) of the Water Act 2016 and include:

    a) The provision of water services within the area specified in the license; and

    b) The development of county assets for water service provision.


    a) Transparency and Accountability 
    b) Integrity 
    c) Professionalism 
    d) Teamwork 
    e) Creativity and Innovation

  • Organizational Chart

    KITWASCO is run by a Board of Directors with a membership of 7. Initially, members were elected in public forums but in line with corporate governance guidelines, the members are appointed by the Principal. The Board of Directors functions through four committees namely: -

    • Audit Committee
    • Technical Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Human Resource and General Purpose Committee

    The management which is composed of The Managing Director, Technical Manager, Commercial Manager, and Human Resource & Administration Manager runs the day to day affairs of the Company under the leadership of the Managing Director. KITWASCO has four major departments namely:

    a) Commercial Department: Accounts & Revenue Sections 
    b) Technical Departments: New Connections, O & M, Transport
    c) Human Resources & Administration: Customer Care, General Administration
    d) Directorate Department: Audit and Public Relations.

    The Company has a permanent workforce of 75 staff and 27 casuals. This has been occasioned by the ever-expanding network, low customer & staff integrity levels and dilapidated infrastructure. Also, the Company is operating on a 24-h 7 days a week program and 90% rural, the permanent staff cannot handle the workload due to the great reticulation lengths with minimal connections.

    Board of Directors

    The Current membership is composed of: -

    a) Rev. Joseph Simba – Chairman (Representing Christian Community).
    b) Evelyn Kyeni Mutia – Representing Mutomo Region.
    c) Patrick Kiusya – Representing NGOs (Catholic Diocese of Kitui).
    d) Khadija Abdallah – Representing Women.
    e) Said Abdallah Mwikaa – Representing the Muslim Community.
    f) Jacob Mutua – Chief Officer Ministry of Agriculture - County Government of Kitui. 
    g) June Kavyati – Chief Finance Officer County Government of Kitui