Conserve Water

  1. Take shorter showers. An easy way to keep track would be listening to music while washing and finishing by the time two songs are complete.
  2. Turning off the tap. This is the most common wasteful activity of water we have, we leave the faucet on while brushing our teeth.  Assuming people are brushing their teeth twice a day for a minute each time, this would waste 14 litres of water each day or 6 litres each minute.
  3. Using your dishwasher, but waiting for a full load. Washing dishes by hand can actually be more wasteful as you let the tap run. Simply scraping off the food scraps, instead of rinsing, and loading up your dishwasher can save gallons of water. Additionally, gather a full load of dishes before you start the dishwasher. This can save an average of 1,455 litres of water per week.
  4. Waiting for a full load laundry
  5. Using an automatic shut-off hose. Because many people leave the hose running when washing their car at home, it is one of the most wasteful water activities. By adding an automatic shut-off nozzle to the end of your hose, you can save up to 23 litres of water per minute.
  6. Checking for and fixing leaks. 
  7. Watch your water bill. Your water bill can be a tool to help keep you accountable. Each month, try to set a goal for reducing water use and check your progress on your next bill.
  8. Follow local water restrictions. Implement smart water habits from the start. Use a water-smart irrigation system, pay attention to weather conditions, and take advantage of rain barrels.
  9. Investing in high-efficiency appliances and fixtures. Share your knowledge about water efficiency and conservation with friends, family and neighbors. Even the smallest steps can go a long way.

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